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FrostBox™ Power Strip Tower

FrostBox™ Power Strip Tower

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  • 【4 High-Speed USB Ports】To achieve fast charging, this power hub charging station with smart IC technology can Auto-Adjust the Charging Rate for iPhone, iPad, AirPods, smartwatch, and more electronic devices (max 2.4A/port, 4.5A in total).
  • 【Multiple Protection & Fire Proof】To protect you and your valuable electronic devices, this power strip outlet with wood-like grain has advanced multifunctional protection technology providing surge (1080J)/ over-current/ over-voltage/ over-load/over-heating/ short-circuit and high-temperature protection. Moreover, this desktop power hub is made of ABS + PC fire-resistant material, rating: UL94 V-0, the highest fire resistance level.
  • 【Upgraded Switch Control】This decorative power strip tower with USB ports has a master control switch that makes it easier for you to control the USB ports and AC outlets. No plugging & unplugging hassle!
  • 【Space Saving with Vertical Design】With 4 USB ports and 9 AC outlets, this worldwide voltage surge protector tower can expand 1 wall outlet into 13 and doesn't take up much space. This compact power strip can make your desktop tidier without cable clutter.
  • 【9.8ft Extension Cord & Cable Tie】With nearly 10ft pure copper cord, this heavy-duty extension cord tower can make your devices always within reach. And, to help you organize this 9.8ft electrical wire better, we offer a hook & loop fastener as a gift. Save your money for something else than cable ties.

Product Description

SUPERDANNY is a newborn brand, we are still in the early stage. In order to build a brand that is worthy of everyone's trust, make it famous for its excellent products, we carefully investigate the needs of consumers and strive to make our product better match customers' needs.

We are convinced that our high-quality products and your trust can help us thrive!

1080J Surge Protection

A 1080J surge protector and a 2-in-1 overload & short-circuit reset switch is built in this power tower, which will automatically turn off if there is an overwhelming surge. It also turns off when it's overloaded, over-current, or over-heated. Later, you just need to press the switch to reset it.

USB C Power Strip Tower

With 9 AC outlets, 4 USB-A, and 2 USB-C Ports for your cell phone, Airpods, smartwatch, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, desk lamp, and some other home/office appliances.

  1. The most useful office power station ever!


    With 9 AC outlets and 4 high-speed USB ports, you will worry no more about not having enough sockets. This 10A surge protector tower with USB ports can power up your computer, laptop, printer, fax machine, phone, and other electronic devices in your office without taking up much space.

  2. Multifunctional desktop charging hub!

    Living Room

    This 9.8ft USB surge protector with multiple sockets would be a great helper in the living room. When friends visit, no one's going to look around for an outlet to charge their devices. Everybody can have fun without low-battery anxiety. Also, you can power up your lamp, humidifier, sweeping robot, etc.

  3. This fireproof tower is ideal for the kitchen!


    Plus, it's made of heavy-duty cord, 10 Amps high current carrying capacity, you can power your toaster, juice machine, coffee machine and so on in the kitchen. Also, you can charge and enjoy your video time on your phone or tablet in the kitchen while cooking.

  4. Perfect nightstand power strip!


    You can place this extension cord with USB on your bedside table to charge your phone, tablet, night lamp, or any other device you may have. This compact power strip doesn't take up much space but makes your desktop tidier.

1382℉ Fire-resistant Material

This multi-plug USB surge protector is made of PC fireproof material, rating: UL94 V-0, which is the highest fire resistance level.

Built-in Circuit Breaker

There is a reset switch for short-circuit/surge/overload protection, and up to 1080 Joule lightning proof to protect you, your devices, and your home.

Cable Tie

We care about the needs of our customers! We specially offer a hook & loop fastener as a gift to help you organize this 9.8 ft extension cord better.

Subtle Design

This power strip with high-speed USB ports has 5 thicker mats made of high-quality material.

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