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FrostBox™ Automatic Soap Dispenser

FrostBox™ Automatic Soap Dispenser

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 Key Features

- **Touchless Dispensing: ** Automatically dispenses soap without the need for touch, ensuring hygiene and convenience.
- **USB Rechargeable: ** Easily recharged using a USB cable, eliminating the need for batteries or frequent refills.
- **Adjustable Foam: ** Four levels of foam adjustment allow you to customize the amount of soap dispensed.
- **Portable Design: ** Lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.

Detailed Features

- **Hand-Free Automatic Soap Dispenser Touchless: ** Equipped with a built-in 500 mAh battery, this dispenser can last for up to 2000 uses on a single charge. Fast charging via USB-C ensures minimal downtime.
- **4-Level Adjustable Soap Volume:** Customize the soap volume with four different settings using the “+/-” buttons, ensuring the perfect amount of soap for your needs.
- **IPX5 Waterproof and Leak-Proof Design:** The IPX5 waterproof rating and a rubber plug in the USB charging port protect the dispenser from soap and water corrosion, enhancing its durability and reliability.

Product Specifications

- **Material: ** PP
- **Capacity: ** 380ml
- **Battery Capacity: ** 500mAh (2000 uses per charge)
- **Charging Time: ** Approximately 3 hours
- **Waterproof Grade: ** IPX5
- **Rated Voltage: ** 3.7V
- **Rated Power: ** 5V-1A
- **Product Size: ** 112*75*200mm
- **Charging Method: ** USB Type-C cable

 Packaging Details

- 1 x Foam Soap Dispenser
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x User Manual
- 2 x Stickers

How to Use the Foam Soap Dispenser

1. Charge the dispenser using the provided USB cable.
2. Add gel and water in a 1:4 ratio.
3. Turn on the soap dispenser to start using it.

Experience the convenience and hygiene of touchless soap dispensing with our advanced, portable, and user-friendly foam soap dispenser.

The ratio of gel and water of foam soap dispenser is 1:4

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Customer Reviews

Based on 333 reviews
Cullen Dietrich

Ok. Have to read manual to set up. Fast shipping

Etha Kreiger

The dispenser of the priyshov in the House of the box, the virib itself did not suffer. Thinking, if the thick sweet will be robiti Pina, one will just serve it.

Candida Fritsch

Love it very much

Arlie Wiza

Very nice dispenser, the battery lasts a very long time. The dispenser runs on soap in foam as well as on a regular soap mixed with water

Elwin Macejkovic

Garno viglyaday, hot, just like a small number and a design. Shvidko in boxes, I'm Satisfied